String Trio in Jersey, Channel Islands

What is Stringendo?

Stringendo is a string trio based in Jersey, Channel Islands.  Most people have heard of a string quartet, which has two violinists, a viola player (the viola is slightly bigger) and a cellist (the big one that goes between one's knees).  A string trio sounds very similar, but has only three players.

Which instruments do you play?

The usual set-up for Stringendo is one violin, one viola and a cello.  Occasionally, in order to provide our service on a particular date, we may have to bring in a 'dep', or substitute player, from our pool of fantastic local musicians. This may sometimes mean that we have a second violinist instead of a viola player.  Fortunately, our sound will not be affected because the second part of all our arrangements can be played on either instrument.

Why are you called Stringendo?

Musicians, in particular groups of string players, are inclined to make terrible puns.  Stringendo has the word 'string' in it.  It's a musical term, in Italian, used when a section of music needs to get faster and faster.

Do you have audio samples?
What sort of music do you play?

Please see our 'Repertoire' page.  Audio samples coming soon.

How much do you charge?

Please see our 'Rate card' for more information.